Back in Action, finally!

It’s taken what seems like forever to get started on this project.  A year and some days after the first post on this blog, here I am again.

Black Iris Workshop is an extension of me, I make what makes me happy, and then share, in the hopes that it will make you happy too.  I’m not even going to talk about selling, because really, this is about what fulfills my soul.  Creativity, and the possibility of sharing it with others.

I love stones, and always have.  My grandfather gave me my first iron pyrite and I’ve collected and lost collections and collect again.  I think there is a connection with the Earth in stones, they aren’t just pretty chunks of rock.  Colors and textures, from lava to crystal, from pitch black onyx to the palest rose quartz, we find pleasure in their form and comfort in their weight.  I love matching stones and beads together to create swirls of colored adornment.

Black Iris Workshop is a labor of love, a love of stones, a love of sharing and a love of creating.

I hope you visit often.